Welcome to the Plotamber Project

Plotamber is a command line Perl script for an easy and automated plotting of properties derived from molecular dynamics or minimization calculations done with Amber.

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Stable version: 0.55.


2003 Jan 20: New version 0.55 released, download now!. New support for Amber .mden and Namd output files added.
2003 Jan 8: New version 0.52 released, download now!. Support for Amber 7 added.
2002 Nov 11: Updates uploaded to CVS. New features include: * support for direct use of data file with Grace (and similar); * -p now recognizes property names.
2002 Feb 13: Plotamber 0.51a released, download now!.
2002 Feb 6: Web redesign.
2002 Feb 4: Alpha version just uploaded to the cvs.

© Luis Gracia, 12 Nov 2002